Series 4: Strengthening Self-Esteem

The goal of this series is to guide parents through an exploration of self esteem – from its origins and the formation of self concepts, to the managing of personal barriers – and to practice skills to strengthen their own and their children’s self esteem. This process is critical, since higher levels of self esteem are directly linked to higher levels of academic success.

How we work

  • 1. Uncovering The Origins Of My Self Esteem

    This workshop will provide parents with a foundation of basic information related to self esteem by developing a working definition of self esteem, identifying where self esteem has its roots, and exploring the impact that their level of self esteem has on their children.

  • 2. Knowing My Strengths And Limitations: Self Knowledge

    This workshop will help participants identify their individual strengths, abilities, and limitations in various roles they play, including parents, spouses.

  • 3. Who Am I? Self Concept And Self Evaluation

    Participants will explore their feelings and beliefs about themselves, and assess how achievements and satisfaction contributes to their general level of self esteem.

  • 4. Believing In Myself: Self Acceptance

    This workshop will allow participants to further explore their individual abilities and areas for continued growth, and learn techniques to strengthen their self worth.

  • 5. Inspiration And Motivation: Building Blocks For Growth And Development

    Participants will understand the external and internal forces that fuel human development towards achieving personal goals and satisfaction.

  • 6. In Control: Learning To Manage Negative Feelings

    This workshop is focuses on helping participants recognize and reframe negative thoughts in a healthy and positive manner.

  • 7. Managing Learning Difficulties

    Parents will explore the family issues that arise when helping a child who has a diagnosed learning difficulty, including Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and how to provide additional support for their learning process.

  • 8. Teaching Children To Build Positive Self Esteem

    Participants will learn how to work with their children to strengthen their self esteem.