Series 1: Strengthening Families Toward Academic Success

The goal of this series is to increase parents’ ability to explore the emotional and behavioral factors necessary to organize their family and increase their effectiveness as parents in providing a healthy and systematic support for their children’s academic success.

How we work

  • 1. The Role Of The Family In Achieving Academic Success

    This workshop will help parents understand how the family helps to strengthen academic achievement by exploring the roles and responsibilities of each member of the family. Parents need to develop a clear vision/plan of how they want to grow as a family.

  • 2. Exploring The Types Of Discipline

    This excellent workshop will help parents understand how they can implement positive discipline to help their child develop self-control and become independent without the use of physical and/or verbal aggression. Parents will explore techniques to enhance their communication skills and how to motivate their children to become self sufficient and responsible human beings.

  • 3. Establishing Limits And Recognizing Abuse

    Parents will learn how to establish the limits at home and recognize the fine line that exists between discipline and child abuse. Child abuse and the emotional scars that are permanently left on the child will be discussed extensively. We will also discuss how child abuse can negatively affect the acquisition of good grades and great social skills.

  • 4. Family Communication

    Parents will obtain techniques to improve communication with their children. The parents will learn about active listening and have better understanding of their adolescent’s thoughts and emotions, in order to be motivated and help them resolve conflicts.

  • 5. Self Esteem: The Key To Academic Success

    Parents learn about the process of developing a healthy self-esteem. They will explore how improving their discipline and communication styles contributes towards the development of their children’s own optimum level of self-esteem. Parents will discuss strategies to strengthen their children’s level of self-esteem.

  • 6. Anger Management

    This dynamic workshop is designed for parents to learn and practice techniques to manage or gain control of their feelings in order to resolve their family’s and/or own conflicts more effectively.

  • 7. How To Modify Behavior Without Aggression

    In this workshop, we will use a behaviorist model to teach parents how to modify behavior by implementing the positive reinforcement concept. Parents are discouraged from using physical, verbal and emotional punishment in order to change behavior.

  • 8. The Building Blocks Of Academic Success

    Parents will learn how to encourage and strengthen study habits at home: especially the love of reading. Parents will learn how to motivate their children to achieve higher academic outcomes using their abilities and strength.