Series 1: Strengthening Families And Adolescents Toward Academic Success

The goal of this series is to help parents create a strong and supportive relationship with their adolescent child. Parents will become more sensitive to and aware of their teen’s challenges, needs, and strengths. Parent will also learn and practice ways to improve their own communication, motivation and decision-making skills.

How we work

  • 1. The Role Of The Family In The Academic Success Of The Adolescent

    This topic will help parents explore the characteristics of a healthy and functional family. They will also understand the importance of their role in helping the adolescent succeed academically and socially in school.

  • 2. The Developing Teen

    In this workshop, parents will increase their understanding of the physical, intellectual, social, and emotional developmental changes that occur during adolescence; and how these changes many times can create challenges for teens and their families.

  • 3. Structuring An Environment For Teens To Thrive

    This topic will help parents understand the importance of developing structure in the home with a fair and effective discipline system. Parents will learn how to effectively negotiate house and other rules with their teens.

  • 4. Negotiating House Rules With Your Adolescent

    Parents will learn to negotiate bed time hours, respecting curfew hours, internet usage, and other responsibilities expected of a young adult. Parents will be able to acknowledge that winning a battle is not always the best way to reach a solution.

  • 5. Communicating With Teens

    Parents will understand the importance of a positive and effective communication. Through activities, they explore ways to help their children express their negative feelings/behaviors in a positive way during emotionally charged situations. Parents will also learn how to express their own feelings of frustration and anger. The way parents communicate with teens will influence the type of relationship they will have with them. We want teens to feel confident and happy to be able to talk with their parents and not to avoid conversing with them.

  • 6. Creating A Dialogue With Your Adolescent

    The participants of this workshop with learn how to effectively initiate an interactive conversation with teens. Different communication styles will be presented to show how each one has a different effect and outcome. The goal of this workshop is to teach parents how to be the best listeners for their teen.

  • 7. Learning To Express And Manage Anger In Positive Ways

    Parents will learn about the importance of bringing their anger under control in order to effectively parent the adolescent; increase the ability to listen in order to understand teens; And how to re-establish a connection/ close relationship with your independent teen.

  • 8. Self Esteem And Motivation For Teens

    Parents will explore the relationship between primary and secondary motivators that help build self esteem in their teens. Parents will be taught to explore and evaluate their own adolescent’s self esteem. Parents will be provided with different activities to help teens whose might possess a low self esteem.