Grupo CRECER’s series of workshops are designed to enhance parents’ roles in the academic success of their children. Our parent education curriculum addresses the social and environmental issues and challenges faced by the predominantly working-class families, and whose children have demonstrated a high need for increased parental involvement in their academic efforts.

Elementary Series

Series 1: Strengthening Families Toward Academic Success

The goal of this series is to increase parents’ ability to explore the emotional and behavioral factors necessary to organize their family.

Series 2: Family Conflicts And Learning Difficulties

This workshop extensively discusses how the styles of discipline influence the learning process.

Series 3: Improving Family Communications And Learning Skills

The goal of this series is to improve parents’ ability to communicate and initiate a dialogue with their children.

Series 4: Strengthening Self-Esteem

This process is critical, since higher levels of self esteem are directly linked to higher levels of academic success

Series 5: Improving Couple Communication

A couple that communicates effectively will create an environment that is conducive to their children’s learning.

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Middle School And High School

Series 1: Strengthening Families And Adolescents Toward Academic Success

Parents will become more sensitive to and aware of their teen’s challenges, needs, and strengths.

Series 2: Managing Conflict And Preventing Crisis In The Family

The goal of this series is to help parents understand the underlying causes of conflict and crisis in the family.