Our Mission

“Our mission is to assist families in strengthening the ties between the academic, emotional, psychological, and social components that affect their lives. We believe this can be accomplished by providing parents with a high quality, and preventive educational program that emphasizes: healthy and effective communication between parents and their children; an effective discipline system, the reduction of violence in families; the identification and improvement of academic skills and outcomes by helping parents establish good work and study habits at home”.

For the past seventeen years, Grupo CRECER has been working closely with several school districts in Southern California to improve children’s academic outcomes.

We provide family strengthening workshops for parents and professional development training for school personnel. Both parents and principals have stated that participants of our programs report much success towards assuring a higher quality of family life and assertive discipline. As a result, school personnel has academically witnessed a significant improvement in the children. Grupo CRECER’s series of workshops are designed to enhance parents’ roles in the academic success of their children. Our parent education curriculum addresses the social and environmental issues and challenges faced by the predominantly working-class families, and whose children have demonstrated a high need for increased parental involvement in their academic efforts. Our programs are based on; Principles of Family Systems, developed by Salvador Minuchin, Attachment theory, developed by John Bowlby, life span developments, as well as community and school participation towards long-term changes for the improvement of personal and family dynamics.

Each series of workshops is presented in eight highly interactive sessions that last 2-hours each. The workshops are scheduled to meet once a week for eight consecutive weeks. Highly experienced educators, psychologists, and other mental health professionals conduct the sessions. Parents are encouraged to maintain a continuity of participation for all, eight sessions of each series. Modifying parenting skills cannot easily be accomplished or noticed in parents who only participate in single sessions. Parents are recommended to participate in weekly activities with their families in order for them to practice and implement the techniques and concepts discussed in the classroom.

Each series stresses key messages, which include:

Parents are the primary teachers/educators of their children.

Academic success begins at home.

Academic success includes planning for, entering, and earning a college/university degree.