Middle School And High School

How we work

  • Series 1: Strengthening Families And Adolescents Toward Academic Success

    The goal of this series is to help parents create a strong and supportive relationship with their adolescent child. Parents will become more sensitive to and aware of their teen’s challenges, needs, and strengths. Parent will also learn and practice ways to improve their own communication, motivation and decision-making skills.

  • Series 2: Managing Conflict And Preventing Crisis In The Family

    The goal of this series is to help parents understand the underlying causes of conflict and crisis in the family, including the role they play in creating and resolving conflicts with their teens. They will also learn about the long term effects of unresolved conflicts and how these can negatively manifest themselves in adolescent behaviors and academic failure or success. Parents will discuss techniques to improve family communication, decision making, and emotional intelligence in order to help their teens create a realistic future plan for themselves.