Series 2: Managing Conflict And Preventing Crisis In The Family

The goal of this series is to help parents understand the underlying causes of conflict and crisis in the family, including the role they play in creating and resolving conflicts with their teens. They will also learn about the long term effects of unresolved conflicts and how these can negatively manifest themselves in adolescent behaviors and academic failure or success. Parents will discuss techniques to improve family communication, decision making, and emotional intelligence in order to help their teens create a realistic future plan for themselves.

How we work

  • 1. Understanding Family Conflicts And Crisis

    This topic will help parents build an understanding of the root causes of crisis in families, and the roles that each member plays in creating, maintaining, and coping with conflicts and crisis.

  • 2. Resolving Family Conflicts In A Positive Manner

    Parents will learn strategies to resolve conflicts and crisis in the family and apply effective solutions to their adolescent’s problems.

  • 3. The Roles The Adolescents Have When Problems Emerge

    Adolescents assume a very significant role when the family has conflicts and they remain unresolved. The consequences of conflicts may affect an adolescent’s academic success and emotional development severely.

  • 4. The Pressure Of Today And The Emotional Illness Of Adolescents

    Parents will understand the pressures that adolescents face today and what are the most common mental illnesses; the causes, their symptoms, and how to prevent them.

  • 5. The Importance Of Motivation In The Adolescent’s Life

    Parents will explore strategies to help their adolescents manage negative feelings and behaviors during these emotionally charged situations.

  • 6. Emotions And The Importance In The Relationship With The Adolescent

    Participants will learn about emotions and their importance in their interaction with their adolescents. It’s important for adolescents to express their feelings to relieve stress and problems like anxiety and depression.

  • 7. Addictions In Adolescents; Marijuana And Others

    Parents will explore about the causes and risks of the use of marijuana and other drugs. How they affect their learning and the adolescent’s health.

  • 8. Helping Adolescents Create Their Vision

    Using the concept of starting with the end in mind; participants will learn how to dialogue with their adolescent to help them visualize major decisions and their outcomes in regards to family, school, choosing a career/employment, friends and relationships.