Series 3: Improving Family Communications And Learning Skills

The goal of this series is to improve parents’ ability to communicate and initiate a dialogue with their children.

How we work

  • 1. Communication Within The Family

    This workshop will increase parents’ understanding about the importance of open communication with their children towards achieving academic success, and will teach simple techniques for stimulating communication with their children.

  • 2. Creating Dialogue

    This workshop will help parents identify and explore the communication skills they use when communicating with their children. They will learn about dialogue and how to use it as an effective tool to communicate.

  • 3. Communication And Motivation Towards Learning

    Parents will learn about basic needs that motivate behaviors, and how parent-child communication affects the child in their development and learning process.

  • 4. Communication For Building Self Esteem

    This workshop will help parents understand the powerful effect that the verbal and non-verbal communication styles have on self esteem.

  • 5. Values And Communication

    Parents will explore the manner in which family values are embedded, and will discuss strategies that will help children understand the values of the family.

  • 6. Emotions And Communication

    Parents will describe how their communication styles are affected by their ability to positively express strong and ingrained emotions, and will learn techniques to more effectively manage these emotions in order to improve relationships with other members of the family.

  • 7. Communication And The Prevention Of Family Crisis

    This workshop will help parents describe the origins of family crisis and explore how unhealthy communication patterns negatively impact conflicts within the family.

  • 8. Using Healthy Communication To Resolve Conflicts

    Parents will discuss communication skills that they can use to resolve family conflicts in a positive manner.