Series 5: Improving Couple Communication

A couple that communicates effectively will create an environment that is conducive to their children’s learning. Parents and couples will improve the effectiveness of their communication through an increased understanding of several key elements of a relationship, with a focus on the emotional and affective factors. Participants will also learn how to resolve conflict and manage anger in a healthy and effective manner.

How we work

  • 1. Defining How Couple Communication Works

    This workshop will allow couples to define and explore couple communication, the dynamics of their relationship, including attraction, how couples fall in love, and factors that influenced their decision to enter the relationship with their partner.

  • 2. Exploring Communication Styles With Couples

    Participants will evaluate different types and styles of communication and identify which they use most often. Couples will select those styles that they wish to practice within their relationship.

  • 3. Obstacles To Effective Couple Communication: Jealousy

    Couples will learn about and explore some of the barriers to effective couple communication, including jealousy.

  • 4. Attitudes That Support Communication And Intimacy

    Couples will learn about and practice specific techniques to improve communication and intimacy within the relationship.

  • 5. The Role Of Emotion Within A Relationship: Exploring Emotional Intelligence

    Participants will learn about emotions and explore skills that promote emotional openness towards their partner.

  • 6. Assertiveness: Resolving Conflicts In A Positive Manner

    This conflict-resolution workshop helps couples explore the use of assertiveness to express what they feel and want in a more effective and positive manner.

  • 7. Managing Anger In A Positive Manner

    This workshop will define and illustrate negative emotions and how to manage them to improve couple communication.

  • 8. Maintaining A Commitment To The Relationship With Our Children

    In this last session, participants will renew their commitment to their partner to provide continued support to one another and to maintaining a healthy and committed relationship with their children.