Series 2: Family Conflicts And Learning Difficulties

The goal of this series is to provide parents with an overview of the learning process in human beings. Four major factors that shape learning will be discussed: emotional, intellectual, behavioral and the environmental. This workshop extensively discusses how the styles of discipline influence the learning process.

How we work

  • 1. Family Conflicts: Understanding Roles, Behavior And Consequences

    Parents will increase their understanding of the dynamics that are generated by family conflicts and their effect on the roles children take and how they behave.

  • 2. Helping Children Find Solutions

    This workshop will help parents to understand the relationship between discipline and family structure, and academic success.

  • 3. What Children Seek With Their Negative Behavior

    Parents will explore how children’s negative behaviors are a way of expressing unmet needs and it also a reflection of the dynamics that exist within the family.

  • 4. Exploring Discipline Styles

    This workshop will allow parents to compare the characteristics and outcomes of rearing children with an unhealthy discipline style with a healthy assertive model one. Long discussions on how to develop a healthy discipline model within the family to help build self-control in the child will be heavily emphasized.

  • 5. Behavior Modification With A Positive Spin

    Parents will learn how to modify their children’s negative behaviors by identifying, focusing, rewarding, and strengthening the positive behaviors only.

  • 6. Strengthening Children’s Intellectual Abilities

    Parents will learn about eight different areas where intelligence can be developed. They will explore these different intelligences to pin point which area their child might be excelling. They will be given activities to strengthen each intellectual area.

  • 7. Managing Learning Difficulties

    Parents will explore the family issues that arise from having with a child who has been diagnosed with a learning ability like: Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and dyslexia. Parents will be provided with additional support to facilitate the learning process of their children.

  • 8. Managing Family Conflicts

    We will analyze children’s roles within the family during times of a family crisis; parents will explore ways to help t   heir children manage negative behaviors during these emotionally charged situations.