Our Agency

Grupo CRECER is a community-based organization [pending 501(c)(3) status] founded in 2002 by Mr. Grover Bravo. He is a Clinical Psychologist in his home country of Lima, Peru. He came to the United States to earn a Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Argosy, in Orange County, CA. Grupo CRECER provides culturally tuned family strengthening education programs and professional development training through community partners such as schools, community-based organizations, and mental health facilities, as well as on site private group psycho-educational workshops with the therapeutic or counseling environment. In addition, Grupo Crecer provides professional counseling for individuals, spousal, and families.

Our Programs

Our programs are based on; Principles of Family Systems, developed by Salvador Minuchin, Attachment theory, developed by John Bowlby, life span developments, as well as community and school participation towards long-term changes for the improvement of personal and family dynamics. Grupo CRECER has developed seven different series consisting of eight classes. Each session is conducted for the duration of 2-hours that meets once a week. These workshops are designed to strengthen the roles parents have in their child’s academic success.

Elementary School Program

  • Strengthening Families toward Academic Success
  • Family conflicts and Learning Difficulties
  • Improving Family Communication and Learning Skills
  • Strengthening Self Esteem
  • Improving Couple Communication

Junior and High School Programs

  • Strengthening Families and Adolescents toward Academic Success
  • Managing Conflict and Preventing Crisis in the Family